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  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Two self contained blast rooms 20 x 20 & 6 x 18 respectively, Both Blast rooms are fully ducted closed circuit systems recycling material, Both rooms are designed to function with conventional blast hoses to achieve AS1627 surface finishes.

  • Automated blast Cleaning

G.A.B have invested heavily in terms of major plant & equipment over the course of the last few years, our major investments include two separate automated blasting units one cable of blast all surfaces on all structural beams, channels & plates with capabilities ranging from 500mm UB’s to 3000mm x 9000mm steel plates.Our second automated machine is dedicated to blasting linepipe for the oil and gas industry, The machine has the capability of blasting pipe from 0-400mm OD at any length,The beauty of both these machines is that the surface finish is consistantly maintained at AS1627.4 Class 3.

  • Spray Applied Pipeline coatings

Over the past few years G.A.B have invested in specialized coating equipment for the application of UHB epoxy coating’s such as Canusa HBE, Denso protol 7200 & Powercrete R95.We have engineered and constructed a specialized rolling deck for coating of pipe lengths out our facility.(Images in Gallery).This equipment allows us to supply quality pipeline coatings to customers such as Jemena, APA & Sp-Ausnet.

As well as shop coating we do countless onsite refurbishment works on live pipelines in the field around Australia.We have the capability to Spray or manually apply epoxy in the field to lengths, joints, bends and valves.Internal & External pipeline coatings

  • Internal & External pipeline coatings

Along with exteral pipeline coatings we can supply internal blasting & protective coatings from 125mm internal diameter to any size.

  • Bulk storage of Steelwork & Projects

Many large scale projects require large amounts of steelwork to be housed prior to pick up at our South Geelong facility we have 5500 sqm of undercover area as well as 7 acres of handstand area to store steel until the client is ready to pick up.

  • Lead based paint removal

G.A.B have built up a business over the last 30 years servicing many different industries & clients, Over the course of the last 10 years G.A.B has obtained and maintained the PCCP certification and in keeping with the PCCP program we have built up the experience and equipment to become accredited  to perform lead based and hazardous coating removal.We have conducted large scale removal of lead based & hazardous coatings for Southern Rural Water, South East Water & Shell Pty Ltd.



  • Specialized Coating Application

  • Corrosion Prevention Techniques

  • Minor Excavation works

  • Minor steelwork repairs