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About Us

G.A.B has a rich history operating  for over 30 years supplying quality and effective coating systems to the industry Australia wide, Over the years we have grown into one of the largest protective coating applicators in Victoria supplying both shop and site works to a wide range of clients.

Most contracts for the protective coating industry are particularly demanding and require a disciplined approach. Geelong Abrasive Blasting Pty Ltd see the terms of reference for this industry as requiring:


• A high standard of workmanship, supported by technical competence.

• Quality Control and Assurance

• Carefully planned methodology

• Safe work practices

• Skilled industrial relations management

• Major resources of plant and equipment

• Financial strength and well equipped management team in support

• Good environmental practices


G.A.B has the resources, skills and experience to undertake works of this nature. We are certainly one of, if not the largest contractor of our type in Victoria. Geelong Abrasive Blasting Pty Ltd consider ourselves as being the strongest in aspects of Contractual competence, technical capability and performance. Major contracts have been successfully completed throughout various locations in Australia.



Southern Rural Water: Glenmaggie Dam Pipeline (Lead Removal)

Yarra Valley Water: VariousStorageTanks Including Craigieburn, Epping, Carrum Downes, Kangaroo Ground, Wallan & Mt Ridley to name a few

Brockman Engineering pty Ltd: Numerous Storage Tanks around Australia
Sp-AusNet: Transmission Tower works annual contract & Gas Linepipe coating

DMB: Shell Wagline epoxy coating
Atlas Steel: Various Gas, Oil & Water pipelines
APA: Greens Road Project, Tanunda Project & Various other pipeline constructions
Fulton Hogan: Traralgon East sewer pump station & Berwick water sewer outfall
Melbourne Water: Various Works
Barwon Water: Various Storage Tanks / Pits and sewers
Page Steel Fabricators: Dalrymple bay coal conveyor sections
Alfasi Constructions :Dockland Stadium Touch ups
Samaras Constructions :Melbourne Hockey and Netball Centre
Downer  Shell :Pipelines
Caltex: Pipe spooling
Mobil: Pipe spooling
Parks Victoria :Point Lonsdale Light House
Geelong and Melbourne City Council
Thornton Engineering pty Ltd
Patrick Corporation
Cleanaway Ltd
Downer Engineering Power
Sava Engineering Pty Ltd
Kempe Engineering pty Ltd
Roche Mining Ltd
J.C. Brown Engineering Pty Ltd
Webforge Ltd



  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Automated blast Cleaning
  • Automated pipeline coatings
  • Water Blasting
  • High Pressure Water Washing
  • Water Jetting
  • Industrial and Commercial Painting
  • Specialized Coating Application
  • Internal & External pipeline coatings
  • Corrosion Prevention Techniques
  • Minor Excavation works
  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Minor steelwork repairs
  • Bulk storage of Steelwork & Projects


Geelong Abrasive Blasting Pty Ltd has made major investments over recent years in capital equipment; This equipment covers the full range of cleaning and application equipment to handle any project. Such equipment includes:

Site Equipment

  • 2 Mobile Bulk Blasting Units
  • 1600 cfm Compressor
  • 900 cfm Compressor
  • 600 cfm compressor
  • 10 work utes
  • 8 towable compressors
  • 5 ton crane truck
  • Graco XM70 Plural Spray
  • Dehumidifier
  • Mobile Dust collection unit
  • Mobile Bulk Vacuum unit
  • 8 ton telescopic forklift
  • 6 ton telescopic forklift
  • 15 x Graco airless spray units
  • High Pressure washing unit
  • 6 mobile blast and painting trucks
  • 3 flat bed trucks
  • 3 x all terrain scissor lifts
  • 14 metre knuckle boom lift
  • 14 metre straight boom lift
  • 16 metre straight boom lift
  • Aluminium mobile scaffold
  • 110 KVA Generator

Yard Facilities Include:

GAB South Geelong

  • Blast Room No1 6 x 20 fully ducted and recycle system
  • Blast Room No2 20 x 25 fully ducted and recycle system
  • Blast Room No3 10 wheel  automatic Blaster capable of 500mm beams and plates  3 metres x 9 metres
  • Blast Room No4 2 wheel automatic Blaster capable of 400mm pipe lengths
  • 5500 sqm undercover painting area.
  • 7 acres of space
  • Graco XM70 Plural Spray
  • 10 ton overhead crane system
  • 30 ton forklift
  • 2 x 12 ton forklifts
  • 9 ton forklift (with special beam for lifting wide and long lengths of plate)
  • 5 ton forklift
  • 2 x 2.5 ton forklifts
  • 9 ton yard crane
  • 6 ton tractor crane
  • 8 ton telescopic forklift
  • 6 ton telescopic forklift
  • 15 x Graco airless spray units


Geelong Abrasive Blasting Pty Ltd has a staff compliment of twenty personnel and has access to other industry related personnel should the need arise. We employ only qualified personnel and site supervisors who have the necessary experience in the industry including two NACE Level 2 CIP Inspector’s. Geelong Abrasive Blasting Pty Ltd also has staff resources to ensure rapid backup should any key employee be unable to continue on any of our site projects.



Geelong Abrasive Blasting pty Ltd has an operative Internal Safety Program which in part has been developed in conjunction with our major clients. A specific Work Safety Pack has been developed which includes pre employment checks, medical examinations, project related briefings and regular tool box meetings, to mention a few.

We recognize that some clients operate comprehensive safety programs that demand rigorous adherence to standard procedures. We provide our full support and co operation to these requirements. We are always available to attend safety meetings when required to do so.


Geelong Abrasive Blasting Pty Ltd recognizes the necessity of developing and maintaining a high standard of Industrial Relations on any project site. Levels of authority are defined prior to commencement of the job so as to ensure prompt attention to any issue that may arise. Our Project manager has full authority to deal with any industrial matters on the spot.


Geelong Abrasive Blasting Pty Ltd has particular skills in mobilizing for and undertaking of major site works in locations throughout Victoria. We are in strong position to mobilize for projects against a tight program. All major equipment and labor would have been identified and allocated well in advance. We are able to commence production work for all major contracts generally within five working days of award. We also provide emergency services where necessary.

A weekly production meeting is standard practice on our major sites. This covers such items as progress of work, Quality, Cost, Safety, Industrial Relations and Contractual Maintenance etc.

Consistent with our philosophy, we suggest that there are advantages to the client to involve our representatives in assisting their Technical Officers in the planning of the work. For our part, Geelong Abrasive Blasting pty Ltd is prepared to assign our Project Supervisor in the planning phase of the works. Also under certain conditions, Geelong Abrasive Blasting pty Ltd would be prepared to undertake trials to reach agreement on procedures and standards to be applied in the field.


Geelong Abrasive Blasting Pty Ltd has experience and in house resources in the operation of QA procedures. Our manual sets in the form of a handbook, general and specific parameters for Quality Assurance in relation to ISO/ASNZ 9001, for in situ work or any in house operations. Geelong Abrasive Blasting also employees 2 X Nace Certified CIP inspectors, full keeping the quality of our work at a premium level.


Geelong Abrasive Blasting Pty Ltd has developed Environmental Work standards for specific projects in accordance with ISO14001. We also have a de-leading compliance plan that determines removal and disposal of environmentally hazardous materials such as lead or heavy based paints, for example. The Work practices detail safeguards and procedures to be taken to ensure the local environment is not contaminated. It also details environmental monitoring and testing procedures have taken place thus confirming No Site Contamination.